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Treatment of opium addiction

Opium. Addiction

Opium addiction

Opium, the most ancient drug of plant origin, which is made from a special sort of poppy. His addiction is equated to the heaviest drugs. Opium addiction is becoming common among the younger generation. Young people strive to try everything that is forbidden. They are so drawn to the bad. Only units can resist the opium temptation. It is worth trying once and you will be dragged into the quagmire so that without the help of professional doctors, you will never be free.

The action of opium drugs happens quickly. Getting through a vein, addicts first feel calm and easy to get high. Then comes the complete immobility of the body. In the third stage, there is exceptional sleep, up to about 3 hours. The last stage begins to recover. There comes aggression and irritability. Nervous condition is manifested in full color. Overdose can be fatal.

The effects of opium

You can talk about the consequences for hours, but our doctors distinguish the most serious ones. Find out in detail what awaits everyone dependent on opium:

  • Sharp loss of lean body mass.
  • Hepatic and renal failure. The use of opium immediately hits these two organs. In consequence, you can remain full disabled.
  • The strongest pulmonary edema.
  • Depletion of the body. Bulging bones, give a truly terrifying look.
  • Frequent or persistent headaches. Regular pills will not remove a migraine.
  • Complete disruption of the bowels. Refusal to eat will lead to diseases of the esophagus. The body completely refuses to eat.
  • Lack of teeth. They begin to wobble and then fall out. The young age does not matter. After 6 months of using opium, you can remain without teeth.
  • Inflammatory process of veins or complete hardening.
  • Inhibition of the brain. – Detection of hepatitis
  • The frequent presence of aids. Addicted people from drugs often use the same syringe for injection into a vein. They do not care what they do and how, just not to experience a new break. If there is no dose, then addicts experience fear, which pushes on new terrible actions. In a state of effect, these people can take the lives of other people. And in the morning do not remember anything.

What can stop drug addiction? Overdose and further lethal gathering. But there is another way. The treatment in our clinic “Sobriety” can really cure any patient from drug addiction.

Treatment of opium addiction in a drug treatment clinic

Treatment of opium addiction in a drug treatment clinic

What begins treatment for opiate addiction in the NSC “Sobriety”? In people taking opium narcotic substances, after two such breakdowns occur, which aggravates pain syndromes to suicide. Treatment begins with the withdrawal of withdrawal. Our qualified doctors, carry out the process with special approved drugs. Thanks to them, patients do not feel any excruciating pains, turning muscle and bone tissue out. The only facial expression indicates a residual phenomenon.

Breaking up can last up to 21 days. Much depends on the body of the dependent person. If the user did not last long, then the process of breaking will be quick. With longer use, for example, more than two years, the withdrawal of withdrawal will last about four weeks.

Our clinic “Sobriety”, is taken to treat the most advanced forms of opium addiction. Doctors have developed unique treatment programs. Our methods are modern and effective, which, not in words, but in practice, give a successful result. Patients themselves quit using drugs. Our task is to provide control and correctly guide each patient from a psychological point of view.

Control over the spiritual and general condition of patients proceeds successfully. Our doctors will find the approach to each dependent patient.

Treatment consists of several stages:

  • Cleansing the body of chemicals.
  • Psychological support at all stages of treatment.
  • Communication with former addicts with real life examples.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Knowledge of the spiritual realm and past mistakes.

Full rehabilitation. In our clinic, “Sobriety” has everything you need to pass it. Enhanced nutrition, walks in the fresh air, water procedures, detours of all doctors, work with psychologists, choice of leisure activities and much more.

After full treatment and rehabilitation, discharge comes home. Our patients are returning to a new life fully prepared and morally stable. The social sphere does not frighten them. Addiction will never stand in their way again.