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Treatment of drug addiction in Ivano-Frankivsk

Types of drug addiction in Ivano-Frankivsk

Drugs fall into two categories: light and heavy, but the destruction of the individual through dependence is one. Consider in detail the types of addiction:

1 Cocaine

A natural drug produced from the leaves of a coca tree. Cocaine is addictive. If you have been using this drug for a long time, and abruptly quit, then the presence of depression and depression will be present all the time. Further, thoughts of suicide will begin. Without the help of doctors of the clinic “Sobriety” you can not do.

2 Opium

A common and affordable form of addiction. Smoking mixtures, morphine, are included in the general composition and introduce a person into a certain trance. But after, there is a light craving for a new dose. Bushy opium drugs get easy. The struggle of course goes on, but the spread is moving faster.

3 Heroin

It is considered the heaviest drug substance. The dependence is manifested from the first dose and completely destroys the person from the inside. Pure heroin is rarely sold, it is mostly mixed with psychotropic substances like laundry detergent. HIV is widely spread among addicts. The picture passes the verge of permitted things. One syringe can go through several drug addicts in turn.


Artificial synthetic drug. It has an impact on people’s mental abilities and physical abilities. He gives hallucinations, literally out of the blue. Dependent people behave strangely. Patients see pictures that are not in fact. It is very scary and dangerous to be around at such moments with an addict.

5 Substance abuse

It occurs by inhalation of varnishes, glue, paints. It is a pity that all this easily falls into the hands of adolescents. To get such drugs is not difficult. Arriving in the euphoria, makes it necessary to continue to smell all kinds of filth, just to catch the “high”. True, the condition does not last long, then terrible headaches occur, blood vessels narrow and signs of chemical dependence appear. Teenagers become unmanageable.

Addiction addiction from the inside

It is difficult to understand the drug addict, but not our doctors. With the help of a professional approach and a human attitude, we manage to change the moral side of dependent people. They quit using drugs themselves. This is very important. Awaken the inner voice, build priorities and help overcome addiction at any stage of development.

Who among you will look into the soul of an addict. Most people turn away and pass by. But if each of us provides real help, for example, calls a doctor, calls the clinic, then the person will be saved. And pass by, the easiest way. Now imagine for a moment, what if your children grow up, and people will pass by seeing your child dying. Really impressive? So why did you go and not take action?

How to treat a drug addict and where to start

For each sick person requires an individual approach. Our doctors are real pros in this business. Correctly teach information, talk about the serious consequences of drug addiction, all we can do. Initially, before basing on specifics, the general condition of the patient.

If overdose is visible, it will clean the body. And then, using the developed surprising and proven methods, we will begin to intensively apply complex treatment. Processes are divided into stages:

  • The presence of concomitant diseases. This is required to be revealed immediately in order to know what can be done in case of acute pain or withdrawal.
  • Drug treatment is selected and determined only by a doctor.
  • Therapeutic process with the full consent of the patient to treatment. We do not force anyone. With such events, patients do not even allow themselves to get through. Our task is to locate them and reveal the inner world with its problems.

Drug treatment in the clinic Sobriety selection of strong

Treatment therapy depends on many factors. Account is taken of the experience of drug addiction, the name of the narcotic drugs that the patient consumed and much more. But the main thing is that our therapy looks through and provides group and individual treatment.

1.Detoxification overdose.

2. Breaking down without pain.

3. Prevent the development of addiction.

4. Strict treatment methods at a trust level.

5. Rehabilitation and maintenance with a psychological approach.

6. Identify the true causes of addiction in patients.

7. Healthy lifestyle.

8. Moral support in establishing family relations, returning work and communication with society.

Complete deliverance from drug addiction

Get rid of the addiction can be in the clinic “Sobriety”. Our doctors have developed amazing complex and group sessions, which have already returned many patients to a new life. Thanks to the methods, the professionals were able to achieve positive results. How much will you or your loved ones suffer, suffer and writhing from breaking?

Enough, one call to us and everything will change. You will not need to constantly look for a dose, do bad things and look much older than your age. Ask your friends to call or tell us and believe, our doctors will not disregard a single dependent person.

Healthy living is the right choice

Lead a healthy lifestyle, it means eating right, doing physical and mental work. From the psychological and physical health depends on the lifestyle of any person. Complete a rehabilitation course to restore psychological balance in the clinic “Sobriety”.

Our doctors will help to establish not only family relationships, but also to get rid of harmful habits. Come to rehab programs with whole families. After a couple of weeks, you will have a craving for life with incredible strength. Moral support means a lot. There is an opinion that it is easy to lead a healthy lifestyle. No, it is not easy. In order not to stumble, you need to constantly control yourself. In food, actions, conversations, actions, and at the same time to avoid sharp corners and temptations. Our psychotherapists will conduct individual or group lessons with you on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not to succumb to the provocations of the outside world.