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Treatment of drug addiction in Chernivtsi

The problem of drug addiction in Chernivtsi is striking in its factual data. Statistics gives horrific numbers. More than 50% of the population already know what drugs are. Among other things, among the younger generation, dependence is growing daily.

How many more lives need to lose for the sake of addiction? Maybe worth a stop. How to help society overcome a terrible phenomenon? We advise you to contact the drug treatment clinic “Sobriety”. Our doctors will help you to become independent people. With our help, your children will start a new life.

Symptoms of drug addiction

How to find out that a person uses drugs? Yes, very simple. We describe in detail and intelligibly. Note the following signs:

  • The man has become more irritable. The slightest occasion leads to an explosion of emotional background. Try to restrain yourself when communicating.
  • The manifestation of weight loss. Unnatural thinness, bulging bones.
  • Presence of thirst. Dependent people consume a lot of fluids. They have constantly dry mouth.
  • Refusal to eat. Any food is simply not perceived by the body. A person is constantly sick of the sight of any food and food odors.
  • Total absence of normal sleep. Drowsy and sore appearance.
  • Traces of frequent injections. On the hands are visible “road”. This can not be overlooked. But many people try to hide their hands under long shirts or sweaters to hide their pricked veins.
  • Rapid breathing. The pulse is manifested, then completely disappears.
  • Pale face with red spots and acne. The skin resembles the problems of transition age.
  • The manifestation of itching and scratching of the skin, face and neck. It happens all the time. Dependents no longer react to their behavior.
  • Pungent smell from the mouth.
  • The presence of yellow teeth or their absence. Violation of tooth enamel, the softening of the root system leads to loss of teeth. Most often the front.
  • Inhibited speech. Swallowing letters and whole words.
  • Frequent diarrhea and stomach problems. The esophagus suffers from emptiness and lack of vitamins. The stomach is devastated to the limit.
  • Have your eyes lost their color and become transparent? Pupils dilated. Addicts try to wear sunglasses from the sun. But people dress them not according to the weather. For example, in the rain or heavy snowfall.
  • The smell of clothing comes specific, as in the manufacture of drugs in the laboratory.

Change in behavior:

1 .The circle of friends is changing. The presence of thin and exhausted people.

2. Abrupt change of hobby and loss of adorable interests.

3. Ignoring their loved ones, relatives. Addicts try to be less noticed. Their lot, take a dose and lie down in a secluded place. In hangouts, apartments, garages or in unacceptable places.

4. Leaving home without explanation. Absence for several days or weeks.

5. Skipping school lessons, not understandable causes of the disease. The older generation, absenteeism at work.

6. The conversational style is changing. Not understandable words fly out.

7. Requests to give or borrow money without returning back. Addicts will never pay back old debts.

Pay attention and view all the things of their loved ones. The presence in the pockets of long cigarettes, not understandable medicines, empty bags, the presence of empty boxes or jars. These are items indicating that your loved one is using drugs.

Stages of addiction treatment

It can take on different methods. But initially all drug addicts undergo withdrawal withdrawal. The spectacle is not pleasant, especially in the early days. The body is so compressed and the face ages before our eyes, and then again takes the same form.

Next comes the purification of the body from toxic substances. The narcologist suggests coding and after some time a complete rehabilitation is provided.

Treatment of drug addiction in Chernivtsi from the NRC Sobriety selection of strong

1.Contact the clinic. You can come alone or call our narcologist directly to your home. The doctor will hold first aid and take you directly to the clinic.

2. You will be met by a group of professional medical specialists:

  • psychologist;
  • therapist;
  • surgeon;
  • narcologists;
  • psychiatrist;
  • anesthesiologist;
  • psychotherapist;
  • efferentologist-narcologist.

Each conducts their own work, which lies in an integrated approach. Such a number of doctors is simply necessary when removing the dependence of any person. That is the composition of our clinic.

3. All staff are involved in the removal of breaking. Each of them performs a linking role. Why such a composition? And if you start an attack of aggression or stop your heart? It is for such unforeseen situations that such a full group of professionals with the highest categories works with us. We care about your health, and save the opportunity to live on.

4. Cleansing the body is not only the introduction of droppers with special solutions, but also moral support at all stages of drug dependence treatment.

5. The rehabilitation period is provided in the correct amount. Constantly and around the clock. Our doctors are ready to provide any services regardless of the time. Any help may be required within two minutes to adjust the work of any organ in case of a significant failure of the patient’s body.

6. After our rehabilitation, only our clinic provides basic support:

  • Prioritization.
  • Understanding your own existence.
  • Highlighting certain goals.
  • Causes of alcohol consumption.
  • Awareness of mistakes and actions.
  • Group classes in the circle of former addicts. Beginners useful to listen to living people.
  • Finding motivation.
  • Group therapy.
  • Individual lessons with psychologists.

After discharge, each of our patients can seek support. Free consultation is available 24 hours a day. Well, where have you seen such treatment? We are not heroes, we just have a special approach to the global problem of drug addiction in Chernivtsi.