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Treatment of alcoholism in Chernivtsi

The problem of alcoholism in Chernivtsi, alcoholism on the streets of the city.

Please note that the city in people who can no longer abandon the use of strong drinks. On the streets a lot of rage drunken people. In Chernivtsi more than half of the population is simply drinking. What is it connected with? The reasons for each of them are their own. But the clue is hidden in the depths of the soul, which can only look at our narcologist.

People drink from idleness, loss of work, failures in life. The availability of alcohol allows you to begin to try and get drunk for the younger generation. Teens from the age of 14 already know the taste of beer, wine and vodka. Low-quality drinks, bring grief practically in every home. The state can not solve the problem right away and grasp its immensity with its own hands.

40% of families diverge because of alcohol dependence. And 30% of young people already have chronic alcoholics. Statistics are not comforting and its breakthrough is obvious. Many parents can not act for teens. They do not hear them. To fight addiction, our clinic “Soberness” comes. We have only real professionals with a long work experience. The goal of the clinic is to save as many people as possible from alcohol abuse.

Illness and the stage of alcoholism

  • Alcohol fatty liver disease. Transforms into alcoholic hepatitis, further leads to cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Defeat the nervous system.
  • Sores stomach and esophagus.
  • The rhythm of the heart is lost. Increases or decreases pressure.
  • Delirium tremens.

First stage

Strongest psychic influence. The result is a reduction in control. Detected memory impairment. At the first stage, there is a desire to drink alcohol. Falls control drunk. At this stage, irritability, aggressiveness and partial memory loss are manifested. Man can not recall some moments from yesterday. Alcoholics have an excuse for drinking drinks. There is a reason and is stipulated in a rumor.

The second stage

All symptoms are increasing. The syndrome of abstinence is revealed. Rare binges. In the second stage, the desire for alcohol begins. Do not control the amount of drink. Two-day beverages with intervals. Manifestation of white fever, hallucinations. Physical dependence.

The third stage

Heavy and complex forms of abstinence. Strongest and lasting drinks. Reduced dose tolerance. A strong bloating state with a duration of up to two months or more develops. Alcoholic complete degradation of personality. Inadequate behavior. How to convince dependents on treatment. Relatives, relatives, friends will not help. Fighting an impenetrable wall is a futile lesson.

Trust our doctors from the “Soberness” clinic to convince your relatives. It is our doctors in a few minutes of communication will be able to reach a confidential level of conversation with the notes of psychological impact. We have our own methods and approaches. Let’s say immediately, without the help of doctors you can not do. Agree, if a person already drinks alcohol over the years and in large doses, then your persuasion and ways of communication have not yielded. So you need to rely on us. In addition, you will not lose anything. On the contrary, only save your strength and precious time. Think and treat.

Effective treatment of alcoholism in the NRC Soberness – the choice of strong ones

Only in the “Soberness” clinic, you can cure alcoholic dependence qualitatively and effectively. Our professional doctors have long been getting positive results. Intensive therapy, the precise and methodical approach to each patient, makes it possible to ensure that dependent ones themselves are thrown to use strong drinks.

We do not use the old ways that gave a lull to dependence. To date, doctors have developed a unique comprehensive treatment that includes:

  • An independent choice about making a decision for treatment.
  • The work of psychotherapists.
  • Conclusion from binge drinking. In the underdone forms, medicines are used.
  • Encoding for the new technology. We apply an individual approach to each patient.
  • Work on your principles.
  • Prioritization.
  • Communication in groups with former dependent. Such methods allow the patient to know and feel alien pain.
  • Setting up family relationships.
  • Find the equilibrium level in the spiritual and physical field.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Support after statement. Psychological and moral foundations. We advise you not to delay, but urgently to contact us. After one call, our doctors will begin to provide qualified assistance within 20 minutes. The main thing is to stop and make the right decision. If necessary, we will conduct anonymous treatment and will return you the lost health.