Тверезість вибір сильних


Drug addiction and alcohol dependence

Any chemical dependence (alcoholic, narcotic) is a serious progressive disease, which required immediate treatment. Detoxification measures alone aimed at removing from the blood decay products of ethanol, prohibited drugs, is not enough. Detoxification only removes physical dependence but does not eliminate the psychological dependence. To permanently get rid of drug addiction, alcoholism will require long-term rehabilitation.

What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is a whole complex of various educational, psychological, medical events aimed at restoring a person, his ability to live in society.

The features of rehabilitation activities are:

Individual approach to each patient. The careful and correct attitude of the rehabilitation center staff to each patient. It is in such conditions dependent person easier to recover, permanently forget about the destructive passion.
 Qualified professionals working in specialized centers. Getting help guarantees to work with the patient experienced medical workers, psychologists, social workers.
 The stages of activities aimed at saving a person from psychological dependence. Phased rehabilitation measures allow avoiding psycho-emotional overload of patients undergoing treatment in rehabilitation centers.
 The use of effective psychotherapeutic techniques, as well as techniques aimed at psycho-correction. Currently, there are many technologies that promise quick healing. Serious rehabilitation centers use only those methods that have passed the test of time and have proven their effectiveness.
 Work with relatives. In rehabilitation centers, close relatives of a dependent person are actively involved in rehabilitation work. After all, thanks to the environment of the patient in the future it is possible to avoid disruption and return to the pernicious addiction.
 Patient rehabilitation center support in the process of re-socialization.

A full course of rehabilitation program allows addicted patients to recover lost ligaments with colleagues, relatives, friends who have been lost in the process of alcohol and drug use.

Stages of rehabilitation:

Rehabilitation from chemical addictions is different from the usual treatment of many diseases. This is a very long process, the result of which largely depends on the patient’s desire to get rid of drug addiction and alcoholism. Compiled by highly qualified specialists treatment regimen aimed at achieving long-term results.

Rehabilitation includes the following stages:

Detoxification. During the use of alcoholic beverages, illicit drugs in the blood accumulate decomposition products, and in the body physiological changes occur. This all negatively affects the work of many organs and systems of the human body. The purpose of detoxification measures is the elimination of toxins from the blood, stabilization of the patient’s condition, getting rid of physical dependence. Detoxification is carried out with the use of modern medical preparations of domestic, foreign pharmacological manufacturers. In the process, the patient is under the supervision of experienced medical staff.

Motivational stage. Experienced psychologists who motivate the patient to undergo rehabilitation work with this patient during this period of time. The patient is introduced to the program of rehabilitation activities, living conditions in the rehabilitation center. If the patient has no contraindications for rehabilitation, agrees to undergo a course, it is included in the rehabilitation process.

Stabilization of the results. After the normalization of the condition was achieved, self-regulation was restored, new attitudes to life without alcoholic beverages, prohibited drugs were formed, and the Stabilization phase was started. At this time, it is possible to change the patient’s worldview, to restore his moral values, aimed at a healthy lifestyle.

Resocialization. After completing the main course of rehabilitation, the patient already has a new experience behind them. Social workers help the patient to develop a plan of life in society. It is mandatory includes activities aimed at supporting the motivation to maintain a sober lifestyle.

during rehabilitation

Observance of the regime during rehabilitation

A very important point in the passage of rehabilitation measures in compliance with the regime. There are some limitations that are strictly followed by patients of rehabilitation centers. A prerequisite for successful rehabilitation is that patients visit all the activities.

At the initial stage of rehabilitation measures, the patient is compulsory isolated from contact with people who are outside the rehabilitation center. This implies the absence of visits, the availability of mobile communications.

At the following stages, if all the conditions of stay in the rehabilitation center are observed, the restrictions are removed. With the permission of the attending physician or the administration of a rehabilitation institution, the patient is allowed to leave the center walls.

Awareness of the problem and the desire to cope with it – the basis of recovery. In the process of rehabilitation measures, a very important point is the consolidation of the refusal to use alcohol and drugs. In a rehabilitation center, a drug addict or an alcoholic learns how to live in a new way, to build their relations with other people from the position of a healthy person. He learns to enjoy not from alcohol and illicit drugs, but from a healthy lifestyle.