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  • Individual approach to each client
  • 24/7 patient support.
  • An integrated approach to treatment.
  • Specialists of the European level and various profiles.
  • Ecologically clean region of the Carpathians
  • 127 years general experience of the clinic specialists.
  • 93% of the patient recover after a full course of rehabilitation.
  • 29 years general work experience of psychotherapists.
  • Licenses for medical and drug products.
  • Only the personal desire of the patient.



  • Упорный добьётся цели,
  • Смелый пройдет испытания,
  • Мудрый дойдет до веры!

Sobriety is the choice of the strong. A choice that changes lives

Drug addiction is a disease that affects many people and not every person manages to get out of the shackles of dependence. It captures not only the soul but the whole body. You can become a drug addict after one or several doses of dangerous and potent narcotic drugs.

Then comes the dangerous period of habituation and in two months, you will lose all the most valuable and expensive in your life. With this way of life, you need to take action immediately and contact qualified doctors. Otherwise, you will certainly face a painful hell with a lethal result. Alcoholism is not just a pernicious habit, but the disease affects many destinies. Broken lives, family dramas occur because of alcohol dependence. One family member drinks for years, then another, sooner or later, the same will begin to use a strong drink.

The psyche breaks down, nervousness appears and there is a look. At first, alcohol calms and kind of dulls the heartache. But this is only an illusion, of course, the primary appearance, and then comes the light need. The self-suggestion that I will drink and feel better now quickly develops into the last stage of alcoholism. Next, we need the medical care that our clinic offers. Sobriety Choosing the Strong.

Our narcological clinic 

Sobriety is the choice of the strong, these are not just words, but the conscious choice of our patients who change their lives and stop using alcohol and drugs. Why choose us? Our doctors are able to find an approach to each dependent patient. If you feel bad and cannot cope with it, then contact us immediately. Do you have an attack of breaking? Call us and we will provide first aid and deliver you to us for a full treatment for drug addiction. We deal with all types of drugs. For us, there are no barriers and problems. Your fear will dissipate like the morning mist and in a few months, you will be able to return to your families. We have been professionally engaged in the comprehensive treatment of addiction habits for over 9 years.

Our doctors really and efficiently treat addictions. Apply new technologies of the 21st century, which already give 100% results.

Each of our patients will be able to get rid of all kinds of harmful habits with our professional medical care. We are successful and therefore we can give a guarantee for comprehensive treatment to everybody who wants it.

Specialists in the field of treatment of fallowing

1. Nikolay NiklyudovVikonavchy Director of a public organization.

He is the founder of a rehabilitation center. Psychotherapist on addiction. Checks each patient personally before discharge. Its principle coincides with the beliefs of our patients. This unique person, a qualified doctor, has selected a team of specialists who work on conviction and humanity in the patient.

2. Galina Semenyuk Psychologist in a certain direction. Doctor of the highest category, which is able to get the desired result. It helps to identify the causes of alcoholism and drug addiction in admitted patients. It works from the beginning of the base to the center.

3. Andrey Shumlyansky Likar psychologist. Advises on chemical dependency. Thanks to his work, patients really understand what they did in their past lives, which poisonous and chemical compounds used. What are the side effects of fouling?

4. Andrei Ivanovich Shevkenich Stations of the doctor of Ukraine. His knowledge is priceless. This person can find any way out of this situation from the point of view of medicine. Recognized by a famous doctor, works the same in our clients.

5. Vasily Grigorievich Sklyarenko EFFFERENTOLOG-narcologist. It provides high-quality cleaning of the body from harmful elements and chemical compounds. A certified narcologist conducts a complex treatment.

6. Gnatina Yury Mironovich Likar narcologist with experience of over 10 years. His professional potential is highly valued by patients and colleagues in robots. Vin doctor from God, as he is called by former patients. He knows the approach to addiction and each patient.

7. Koval Alina Oleksandrivna Anteziolog. She has a diploma and experience of more than 15 years in this profession. Thanks to her experience, many dependent people were saved in critical situations.

8. Anatoly Filippov, Psychologist, Nutritionist. A valuable employee of our center. It is he who prescribes proper nutrition for patients. Psychologically suited to questions and tasks. Conducts classes in the circle of former patients, such as novice. Our unique composition works in order for people to be cured of any addiction.

We have our own, but general principles and thoughts on this account. Each of us, being close to you will not pass by your misfortune, but will always reach out to help.

Treatment in the cities of Ukraine Narcological clinic The sobriety selection of the strong is a comprehensive treatment in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, and other cities of Ukraine. People from different cities of Ukraine come to the clinic and come. Our center helps everyone to stop drinking, use drugs or hang out on the Internet, casinos and other games.



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