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Heroin addiction treatment

Dependence on heroin

Heroin is a dangerous semi-synthetic drug that claimed millions of lives of people of different ages. The substance of brownish color with a characteristic smell. Popularity grows with lightning progression. It becomes scary to live and watch how dependent people die in large masses, replenishing the wallets of drug lords.

Heroin addiction is formed from three stages:

  1. First

Initial use brings the buzz of liberation and tranquility. The feeling of euphoria markedly leads to subsequent use. The sensation of weightlessness is impressive and one wants to feel the rise of body and soul again. Only units, do not make repeated actions. But if a drug addict started up in a company, then it costs you nothing to repeat. Protect your loved ones from communicating with such people. Try to call our sobriety clinic immediately.


There is a kind of tolerance. The body requires a repeat and increase the dose. A kind of tipping point that outweighs the direction of dependence. Creating an addiction that turns into a constant need.

3. Final

Daily use of heroin with an increase in the dose is like a call “I want to get more buzz even more.” The body begins systematically and for a certain time to demand the next dose. There is nothing left of a normal person.

Symptoms of dependence

  • The manifestation of the characteristic itching and scratching of the body.
  • Half asleep with narrowed eyes.
  • The skin has redness.
  • Constant borrowing money without refund.
  • Traces of injections on the hands, under the tongue, in the groin, on the legs.
  • The mood is changing before our eyes. Irritability, nervousness, and aggression appear.
  • A voice sits, addicted people, begin to hoar.
  • Lost your appetite. Food simply does not climb but causes a gag reflex.
  • Sleep is disturbed.
  • Personal belongings disappear from the house. Then there is the entrance of jewels, unexpected apartment thefts of relatives, neighbors, and acquaintances.

Breaking Heroin Addiction

What is breaking up? This is a terrible feeling of inner pain that cannot be tolerated. During this period, in heroin addicts, the psyche is not stable. Cause? No regular dose.

It is difficult and scary to survive independently. Inner fear, fear of dying, give inexplicable feelings that lead to the most brutal crimes for the sake of the drug. The need for a dose is only gaining momentum.

Breaking can be done in our clinic “Sobriety”. Call at any time and our doctors will help her survive without feeling painful syndromes. Do not be afraid, we really will help you and will be able to stop dependence on heroin.

How to treat heroin addiction

The treatment takes place in stages:

  • Detoxification. Cleaning the body with the output of semi-synthetic substances helps to improve the general condition of patients.
  • Coding. It is worth noting that the methods are selected individually.
  • Rehabilitation. Quality rest, enhanced nutrition.
  • Adaptation to a new life in society. Our doctors use psychological techniques that teach to live again. Let’s say right away, we are not engaged in coercion. Each patient decides for himself whether he should be treated or not. For our part, we can only morally push you for treatment.

Each stage of treatment, we will pass near you and in every possible way to give help and support. What is important to us is not just the result, but the quality result of our hard work.

Treatment of heroin addiction

Drug treatment clinic Sobriety selection of strong

Our clinic provides comprehensive treatment for heroin addiction. To regain strength, you need to complete a full course on a special program. Clinic “Sobriety” choice of strengths, guarantees you complete freedom from addiction, which killed and broke many people. You do not want to fill up their list? Then you should not hesitate but contact us right now.

Our doctors will help raise the spiritual inner strength that has been lost due to the use and craving for heroin. We will direct each addict in the right direction. We will extend a helping hand in the most difficult period of your life. One call and assistance will be provided immediately. Our task is to return your lost health and eradicate drug addiction.