Тверезість вибір сильних

Encoding from alcohol

coding for alcohol

Encoding is the generic name for reprogramming an organism. With the successful encoding, the patient with alcoholism begins to perceive alcoholic beverages only as a poison. Depending on the coding method, this can occur on a psychological or physiological level.

A doctor may resort to any coding methods only with the written consent of the patient.

Coding from alcohol – the essence of the methods, prices, and reviews

Before coding, the patient must abstain from alcohol for 15-20 days. It is easier to achieve this in the course of complex treatment in a hospital because even with a conscious decision, an alcoholic cannot recover. Then, with his consent, one or several procedures are performed (depending on the method recommended by the narcologist), which will allow the patient to be set to abstain from alcohol for a certain period, usually 1–3 years.

After coding the necessary rehabilitation measures to strengthen the patient’s mind, because the inability to take alcohol can make him nervous, quick-tempered, aggressive.

In order to avoid disruptions, compliance with the rules of conduct proposed by the addiction specialist is required. In some cases, after coding, a so-called provocation is appointed — patients receiving a small dose of alcohol under the supervision of a physician. The negative reaction of the body fixes the installation of the complete rejection of alcohol.

Only a narcologist can determine the coding method most suitable for a particular patient.

How to code for alcoholism

The method is based on the formation of aversion to alcoholic beverages. Coding contributes to the development of a conditioned reflex (severe vomiting) to alcohol intake.

Alcohol Codes

Various coding methods are used.
Hypnotic effect. Depending on the technique used, it inspires fear of alcohol or a sobriety setting is given. Hypnosis is effective at the initial stage of alcoholism until there are major changes in the psyche, and encephalopathy has not developed.

Introduction of alcohol-incompatible drugs. Alcohol blockers are injected intravenously or stitched. The method is applied at any stage during chronic alcoholism. The introduction of the drug allows you to achieve a good result, patients are aware that when taking alcohol will have problems. But after completion of treatment often break down.

Double locking. To suppress the craving for alcoholic beverages, a drug is injected that will last for several weeks. To prevent a breakdown at a late date, the patient’s consciousness is programmed to give up alcohol by suggestion.

Physiotherapeutic procedures (acupuncture, laser coding).
When exposed to biologically active points, the organs destroyed by alcohol poison are restored, information about the constant desire to drink is erased. This type of coding from alcohol addiction eliminates mental addiction only. The technique is used in complex therapy.

Consequences of alcohol coding

Pathological dependence on alcohol leads to the fact that the patient ceases to separate himself from him and is afraid of coding as the probability of

coding for alcohol

losing part of his personality. In fact, he has already lost much of it, replacing it with addiction. Not realizing this, alcoholics invent and support myths that help avoid coding from alcoholism. As a result, it is widely believed that coding harms the liver, potency, brain. Often, fear of hypnosis and unwillingness to “let anyone in the head.”

Also mentioned is the pity of drugs used for coding. All this is just a figment of a sick imagination. The only honest, but a weighty argument against coding is “I don’t want.” If an alcoholic is not ready for tough measures to overcome addiction, it should not be forced.

Where to code from alcoholism

Coding from alcoholism is working with the patient’s psyche; it requires carefulness in the choice of means and caution in their application. Therefore, you should not go to the first clinic that offers quick treatment for alcohol at low prices. This can have serious consequences for the patient. Choose reputable medical centers, the prices for alcohol coding are quite affordable today.

On alcohol coding

Participants in a rehabilitation program must understand that it may have certain basic services included.

For example, in the rehabilitation center “Sobriety” in the hospital can get: receiving and assessing the condition of the body in leading doctors;
round-the-clock observation and qualified counseling to the best psychologists and narcologists.

Outpatient patients live outside the clinic during treatment and can rely on access to group and individual therapy, family counseling, or a combination of these options.