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Detoxification from drug addiction

Addiction. Treatment

Detoxification of Lviv – a complex of measures aimed at the elimination of toxic substances that enter the human body during the use of drugs. It is the first stage in the treatment of drug addiction. With the help of detoxification of the body, you can quickly remove the symptoms of breakage – the first step towards the recovery drug addict.

Detoxification of the body with drug addiction

After taking, narcotic drugs in the human body accumulate toxins – products of decay of drugs. Mostly, toxins are deposited in the tissues of the brain, liver, fatty layer and may be delayed there for several years.

Treatment for drug addiction begins with detoxification. Stopping drug intake provokes a breakthrough. The drug addict begins to fever, cramps, dry mouth, hallucinations, and much more. Man is not capable of self-sustaining such a heavy overload of the body.

Quickly get rid of signs of breakage can be by means of detoxification in an addiction clinic. During the procedure from the body of the addict practically completely remove toxins.

Detoxification functions:

cleansing of the body from toxic substances; improvement of the functioning of internal organs; normalization of the nervous system; adjustment of metabolic processes; restoration of the immune system.

Detoxification is a necessary stage in the treatment of drug addiction. With its help, the body of the patient easier to come to the normal, without endangering the danger of life and health.
Why is it recommended to detoxify the body with drug addiction?

Detoxication with drug addiction makes it possible:

Qualitatively clean all body tissues from harmful products of the decay of drugs. Launch the natural processes of removing toxins from the body by improving the functioning of the digestive system. In addition, the heart begins to work actively, which makes blood more actively moving vessels. Normalize metabolism. After the body no longer needs to slow down metabolic processes and give all the power to fight to poison, the metabolism quickly comes to fruition. The trouble with nerves. After successful detoxification, the patient will be able to get rid of problems with the central nervous system.

How to use an addiction to detoxify the body

Medicinal Therapy

Used non-narcotic analgesics, as well as refineries (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Additionally, antidepressants, antiarrhythmic and antihypertensive drugs, hypnotics are used. They help to restore the functioning of the body of the patient.

In severe forms of drug addiction is prescribed plasmapheresis – a deep cleansing of the blood. Another modern method of relieving the condition of a drug addict at the break – monotherapy. The body introduces xenon, which acts as a pain reliever, facilitates the work of the heart, stabilizes the pressure, has a beneficial effect on sleep.

Detoxication with drug addiction is carried out by various drugs. For example, the use of opioid drugs requires an OCD. The body introduces a large dose of medicines. A drug addict is immersed in sleep. Thanks to him, he does not feel pain for up to 6-8 hours. After awakening, the patient feels good because of the fact that he did not feel a breakthrough.


The help of qualified psychologists and psychotherapists is necessary for every person who has ever tried a drug. Toxic substances cause not only strong physically, but also mental dependence. The doctor will help make the psyche of the former drug addict more resistant to the temptation to use the drug.

Different methods are used to adapt the patient to society:
group therapy; an individual visits to a psychologist; art therapy, treatment of music, etc.

Special diet

The nutrition of a person undergoing detoxification must be correct, saturated with vitamins and amino acids. For fast recovery of the organism in the diet introduced products with high levels of carbohydrates. Excludes greasy, salty, sweet food. It is recommended to have a fresh diet.

Necessary drinking – about 2 liters for an adult. It helps to get rid of toxins naturally through sweat and urine.
Sports and occupational therapy

The most popular method of natural detoxification is physical activity. With the help of sports and occupational therapy, a person is distracted from breaking. At the same time, metabolic processes are accelerated, which helps to remove toxins more quickly.

Follow up after detoxification

After the detoxification the patient undergoes rehabilitation course. It includes the complete restoration of physical health and mental state.

The physical load helps to restore the exhausted and exhausted organism. Sporting activity strengthens muscle corset and removes residual toxins.

The psychological support of specialists will direct the former drug addict to the right path. The doctor will help you sort out the problems, make an action plan for the near future, tell you how to live further.

The rehabilitation of drug addicts should be accompanied by the support of close people. Former drug addicts are looking for an understanding of relatives and friends. Drug addicts can not behave in society as before. This can cause the recurrence of drug intake. It is communication with relatives that provides significant assistance in restoring the former life of a drug addict in the period of rehabilitation.

Addiction. Treatment

Pros of treatment in “Soberness”

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For several years of successful work, the Center has cured a large number of dependent patients, ensuring the anonymity of treatment and normal healthy life without harmful and harmful habits. The guarantee of productive work and result is an individual approach to each and a high level of professionalism of specialists. The complexity of the approach allows restoring the social, psychological, physical and personal spheres of life.

The center provides support to relatives and relatives of the patient, helping them resolve various issues related to the patient’s subsequent life after the course of treatment and rehab. At the end of treatment, clinicians provide patients with assistance in terms of socialization and social adaptation.