Тверезість вибір сильних

Detoxification from alcoholism

Detoxification from alcoholism

Body detoxification is the natural process of our body, the neutralization of toxins from the body. Detoxification will help accelerate metabolism and improve overall health.

Toxins – this is essentially a waste of biological origin. There are two main types of toxins: exogenous and endogenous. In other words, external and internal origin.

Toxins of external origin – these toxins are formed from heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, chemical medical preparations, etc. Toxins of internal origin – these are the products of vital activity of the organism, as well as the decay of damaged tissues.

The liver, intestine, kidneys, lungs, skin, blood and lymphatic systems should work together to ensure the transformation of toxins into less harmful components, and to remove them from the body.

Degrees of alcohol poisoning

The depth of intoxication, the rate of its development depends on the number of alcoholic beverages and individual characteristics of the person.

There are 3 levels of intoxication:
• light – the concentration of alcohol in the blood to 2 ‰, which corresponds to 0.5-1.5 ml of pure ethanol per 1 kg of human body weight;
• average – in the blood it turns out 2-3 ‰ alcohol, that is, ethanol was taken 1.5-2.5 ml per 1 kg of body weight;
• heavy – occurs when the concentration of ethanol in the blood is 3-5 ‰ and more, which corresponds to 2,5-4,5 ml of alcohol per 1 kg of mass.
Features of detoxification in the case of alcoholism

The main functions in the processes of withdrawal of alcohol from the body are enzymes of the liver.

Toxins have a detrimental effect on virtually all organs and systems, disrupting their normal functioning. That is why the first stage of the fight against alcohol dependence is to clean the body of the patient from toxic products.

After detoxification in Lviv, an alcoholic may again start eating alcohol. But without detoxification, further treatment will be ineffective, because the patient in a state of abstinence is not capable of productive interaction with either narcologists, psychotherapists or psychologists.

Methods of detoxification from alcohol

  • Reduce sugar intake

Start by reducing the amount of sugar you are consuming. This also applies to honey and artificial sugar substitutes.

  • Start the day with water

Drink a full glass of water with the addition of half a lemon juice in the morning. Lemon contributes to the rehydration of the body, improving digestion and elimination of toxins from the body.

  • Move more

Regular exercise improves the circulation of blood and lymph. This also applies to digestion, will weaken the tension, will saturate the joints with grease and strengthen your body. This is a completely proved fact. In people who regularly train, the total number of toxins in the body is much smaller.

  • Drink lots of tea

Tea is not only rich in antioxidants, but it also saturates you (especially in herbal tea). So, you’ll eat less junk food! Know that caffeine in tea is completely different from that contained in coffee. It is more sparing for your body and eliminates nervous tension.

In the hospital

Practically, the treatment of alcoholism in a hospital is the only option that should be considered when a person suffers from alcoholism. No outpatient regimens, coming narcology, and folk methods are likely to help. Moreover, most patients can also be harmed. For some, it is worth living.

A hospital is a public or private drug addiction clinic. In the clinic, the patient lives constantly, both during treatment and in the period of rehabilitation. Clinics and rehabilitation centers are closed medical institutions. As a rule, patients are prohibited from leaving the territory of the complex, and third-party access is prohibited. The closest relatives can visit the patient.

“Strict regime” is necessary so that the temptations of the outside world do not interfere with the treatment and rehabilitation of a recovering alcoholic.

At home

Alcoholism can be overcome at home. To do this, the patient must be aware of his alcohol dependence and have a strong desire to overcome it. Another mandatory condition for treatment is the support and faith of loved ones.

Doctors give general recommendations for accelerating recovery:
• sleep at least 8 hours a day;
• high-vitamin foods;
• Drinking from 2 liters per day;
• refusal of salty and spicy food;
• outdoor walks;
• Cool shower 2 times a day;
• filling the free time with positive emotions: watching positive films, favorite hobbies, games;
• moderate physical activity, sports.
What to remove toxins from the body after alcohol

Assigned diuretics, as well as preparations that normalize the activity of the cardiovascular system.

At detoxification of a withdrawal state a wide spectrum of preparations which stop anxiety, normalize a dream and prevent the development of attacks is used.

In some cases, the use of antidepressants, tranquilizers and nootropic drugs is indicated.

In severe cases of the abstinent syndrome, under plasmapheresis conditions, plasma placement and blood substitutes can be performed.

Detoxification from alcoholism

First aid

  • Put the patient on the right side. Bend your hands in your elbows and put them under your head
  • Bring the patient to your senses: lift the cotton wool with ammonia
  • When the patient comes to his senses, help him clear the stomach
  • Click on the tongue roots to vomit
  • Do not let the patient freeze
  • Help the patient to take white coal
  • Give the patient plentiful drinking
  • Call an ambulance
  • If the poisoning occurred with methyl alcohol or ethylene glycol, then in the first hours you can take a small amount of high-quality, strong alcohol.
    Preparations for detoxification

When treating points and abstinent syndrome, the doctor performs detoxification on the following principles:

• At the first stage, deficiency of water in the body is filled, for these infusion solutions are introduced – glucose solution, reopolyglucine, and others;
• It is mandatory to clean the intestine from the consumed but not absorbed alcohol and other toxic substances. This is achieved by washing the stomach, taking adsorbents.
• Initial and other thiol drugs are prescribed, which are conditional antidotes of alcohol;
• Vitamins B and C are introduced that are involved in chemical reactions that are important for the toxins to be removed;
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