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Alcoholism Treatment

Лікування алкоголізму

Alcoholism – a psychosocial disease, often turns into a chronic phase. Systematic drunkenness – a kind of substance abuse. Alcohol addiction combines psychological and physical aspects. The disease can be cured 7% of patients quit drinking under the influence of medicines, 15% – outlive the habit after the introduction of implants, 70-80% refuse alcohol using coding according to the Dovzhenko method. It is important the desire of the patient to reduce the dependence.

Where to treat: at home or in a special institution.

Treatment for alcoholism at home is possible with the onset of the first stage of the disease – the second and third require hospitalization of the patient in a narcological hospital.

The initial stage is almost imperceptible – an alcoholic gradually increases the dose and frequency of alcohol consumption, is revived at the mention of a reason to drink, a person is pursued by short-term memory lapses.

The middle and final phases of alcoholism are characterized by personality changes, drinking-backs, the formation of psychological need, and disruption of the work of internal organs. To persuade a chronic alcoholic is difficult to treat. The statistics are relentless – the likelihood of home treatment inspires optimism only in the first stage of the deadly habit, 70% of patients were reaped.

At the 2nd and 3rd stages of dependence – 30 and 0.009%, respectively. Treatment, eliminates alcoholism, in private centers is carried out anonymously with the consent of the patient.

Forced measures are taken to aggressive and insane people. Detoxification and correction of the patient’s condition In modern clinics, treatment is carried out comprehensively and in stages.

Detoxification effectively eliminates the effects of a hangover, removes toxins from cells, normalizes the work of body systems. Cleaning at 2-3 stages of alcoholism is accompanied by a temporary deterioration of the patient’s condition, up to a critical one, therefore, it is dangerous to treat yourself. At home, use the following: Twice, with a break of 1.5 hours, give alcohol addicts – “Enterosgel”, “Polysorb”. Drink tea with vitamin c. if the pressure is not lower than 90 to 60, then take “Anaprilin” to strengthen cardiac activity. They offer a sedative (valerian drops, “Barboval”), ascorbic.

Professional correction of the condition of an alcoholic, withdrawal from binge drinking, detoxification measures is possible in a clinic or outpatient setting. The narcological team leaves the house to the victim. Clinic “Sobriety” will help to cope with the problem of alcoholism.

Alcohol Coding

There are several types of coding – medical, psychological, conditionally – reflex (use of currents, artificial hyperthermia), laser (effect on brain areas with beams of rays).

The effectiveness of the methods is determined by the desire of the alcoholic to be treated – this is the most important thing. The method is chosen individually: some people who are prone to alcoholism are psychologically tied to alcohol, others physically (ethanol is integrated into the biochemistry of the body). In order for the transition to a healthy new life to take place correctly, it is important to observe the following conditions:

Take into account contraindications. Mental disorders, head injuries, diabetes mellitus, pregnancy, and senile dementia preclude treatment using text encoding. You also can not do this for severe diseases of the kidneys, heart, and liver. No alcohol. At least 14 days before the start of treatment, the alcoholic should not drink.

1) Analyzes are taken, contraindications are excluded. Determine the place of sewing (scapula, buttock, forearm).

2) Anesthetic is injected.

3) The skin is cut.

4) Implantable drug. Duration – up to 5 years.

There is an antidote that levels the results of treatment. Drinking alcohol while in the body of medication is dangerous: there is hyperthermia, blindness, vomiting, migraine, edema, confusion. To demonstrate to the alcoholic the negative effect of the combination of alcohol and the drug, the blocking test is done (only in the hospital).

Contraindications to the procedure are the same as when typing characters of alcoholism, but there is an addition – tuberculosis, asthma, cancer, an ulcer, a tendency to allergies.

Consequences of alcoholism

Consequences of alcoholism

Alcohol is a poison that penetrates the cells and destroys them. Regular consumption of alcohol affects all organs, but the digestive tract most of all – the first one to be hit. Alcoholism causes stomach bleeding, pancreatic diseases, cirrhosis of the liver. For the cardiovascular system, the lack of treatment for harmful dependence is rotated by vascular compaction, the formation of blood clots, the occurrence of hemorrhages, and heart attacks. Due to metabolic changes, the heart muscle suffers from hypoxia.

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