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Alcoholism treatment in Ivano-Frankivsk

Likuvannya alcoholism in Ivano-Frankivsk

Why an alcoholic does not recognize dependence

An addicted person does not admit that he is an alcoholic. And convince his useless occupation. At the last stage of alcoholism, these people are completely degraded personality. She disappears right before our eyes.

Also, communication has a low level of intelligence. The brain is fixated in the search for alcohol and its rapid use. Morals and principles take up space for spirits. Problems of work, study, family and personal nature, addicted people no longer care. The wave of alcoholism negates everything. Also, your own life becomes indifferent.

Convince you need after a full treatment, and not in front of him. Doctors of the clinic “Sobriety” will correct the situation of such phenomena. We will break through the wall of alcohol addiction and teach you to perceive and appreciate what was lost. Believe me, our work is worth the hard work. We care about the result and the life of each of our patients.

Alcoholism in Ivano-Frankivsk

These statistical facts announce terrible numbers. The younger generation is degrading due to alcohol dependence by 50%. Among older people, up to 30% of the total population. And the remaining 20% ​​are already starting childhood try any alcoholic beverages. Such an alcohol disaster never happened. What awaits our children tomorrow? What future is in store for them? The whole world is struggling with pernicious addiction, and it only intensifies the momentum.

Young girls and boys sit quietly on the benches and drink alcohol. Where is the state looking? And the parents drink themselves and show an example to their children and grandchildren. People at the age of half retirement drink. How many alcoholics do we have in town? A huge number of people sits at home, then go to the shops for alcohol, come home and drink well.

It’s time to stop this insane madness! Clinic “Sobriety” is ready to take on the treatment of entire families of dependent people. Our doctors will conduct an effective and correct treatment using specially designed programs. We already have good and proven results.

Which there is a cure for alcoholism

In the world, there are not a few methods for treating alcoholism. Here are the most common examples:

  • Coding Method Dovzhenko, double block method, hypnosis.
  •  Traditional medicine on herbs.
  •  Influence at the psychological level.
  •  Сourse rehabilitation

Alcohol Treatment Stages

  • To begin treatment of a dependent person, you need to get his full consent. It will take years for you to persuade. With the help of the clinic “Sobriety”, this stage passes in 20 minutes.
  •  Conclusion from hard drinking. Introduction of droppers with special solutions. It is necessary to bring the patient to life and to establish the correct operation of the body. To detoxify, qualitatively and not quickly. The doctor’s actions should occur with constant monitoring of the patient.
  •  Full rest, walks in the fresh air.
  •  Full and enhanced nutrition. The depletion of the body with alcohol, affected the weight and appearance of the patient. You need to eat high-quality and healthy foods.
  • Exercise.
  •  Water treatments. Water helps relieve stress.
  •  Conducting psychological methods.
  •  Self cognition
  •  Identify the true causes that have pushed for alcohol.
  •  Objective communication in the circle of former patients.
  •  Identification.
  •  Priorities and goals for the future.
  •  Return to the family.
  •  Check for temptations.
  • Perception of inner peace and spirituality.
  •  Extract from the clinic and parting words. Patients first try to lead a normal life, but in rare cases, with the appearance of a problem, again to reach for alcohol. After treatment in the clinic “Sobriety” such phenomena are excluded. Do not believe? Check it yourself, and then we’ll talk. If you have any questions, please contact us. Doctors will always hold a conversation and talk about methods of complex treatment in more detail.

Our doctors will conduct a comprehensive treatment of new technologies, which include:

  • Quick response to treatment at the clinic. We provide the service call a doctor at home.
  •  We will carry out a conclusion from a binge with the help of medical preparations
  •  Cleanse the body of toxic and toxic substances.
  •  We will help restore health, vitality.
  •  Coding at will. We do not force anyone.
  •  Rehabilitation periods for special effects.
  •  Awareness of their actions.
  •  Prioritization.
  •  We change our attitude towards ourselves as an individual.
  • We will conduct a psychological approach to the relationship of family, children and relatives.
  •  Each patient is tested for restraint and morals.
  •  After discharge we guarantee constant moral and psychological support. We help to integrate into the social sphere. If after discharge you have psychological barriers, feel free to contact us with our support. Our doctors will come to the rescue 24 hours a day. If you can’t get a job or recover from your previous job, we will help. We have our own approaches and methods. Try to handle on time, and not to wait for fatal cases.
  • We will help every addict. Clinic Sobriety, provides a guarantee for the full treatment of alcoholism in the most advanced stages of development. Age of patients does not matter.