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About Us

Лікування наркоманіі та алкоголізму

Our narcological clinic Sobriety is a choice of strong, it has a special approach to every dependent person. We treat drug addiction, alcoholism and gambling addiction, in the most neglected forms.

What doctors work in the clinic

In the Clinic Sobriety there are no random doctors. Each specialist is a professional in his medical category and direction. Our doctors have been rigorously selected. They have a stable psyche, a special logic and a human attitude towards patients. When creating the staff, special checks, collected track records and feedback on each employee were established. Today, people with a great potential of unlimited possibilities work for you.

The experience of each selected specialist plays a huge role in the link in the complex treatment of any addiction. Doctors of various categories work and perform tasks that any state is trying to solve today. Treatment of addictions, mostly falls on their shoulders. Among other things, let’s say only one thing, our doctors do not work for salary. These people work on personal convictions and a sincere desire to help addicted people undergo full-fledged treatment in our clinic “Sobriety Choice of Strong”.

What motivates us

We are driven by one goal and the desire to help direct sick dependent people to the right course of life. Among us are working people who themselves have gone the hard way of addiction to alcoholism. Are you surprised? We want to show by living examples that our treatment is effective. Empty words we do not throw into the wind. Our goal is to visually show and prove that our techniques are modern and with good results.

Former patients with many years of experience using various strong drugs have been living a full life for a long time. We write many reviews and letters with wishes of prosperity. Sincere thanks! How much warmth and strong emotions were experienced in the walls of our clinic.

How do we understand the problem of dependence

In any family, grief can happen when one of the members once stumbled and became an addict. Misunderstanding in the eyes of dependent flames of various colors. For example, an alcoholic sees nothing but a bottle. He is not interested in your problems and desires. He has one problem, find alcohol and drink. And so every day. With addicts even harder. To understand them is not an experienced person practically impossible. They are driven by the desire to get another dose of the drug, and your tears do not touch them.
  It is especially difficult for you at such moments.

With our professional help, all this can be stopped. Why doom yourself to terrible torment, suffering, and endless existence for a portion of an alcoholic beverage or a dose search when breaking up? Let’s come along with us, you stop and start living full breasts. You will see what you have not noticed before. Let me give you a new free life without dependence!

Our unique methods work with our help.

Our team works together. We accept all patients with different addictions. Each of us makes a special contribution to the complex treatment of patients. Why unique methods? Yes, everything is simple. It was our doctors who developed some tactic of psychological influence at the subconscious level for dependent people. And it gives 100% result.

Clinic Sobriety Choice Strong, works around the clock, and doctors work on a sliding schedule. For these purposes, we have selected a special team of doctors. Every our doctor should work soberly and correctly. Time and have to stay if the patient has just been delivered to him is in danger of life and health.

We work in any conditions and only so that you and your children will not see what our former patients went through. Give an opportunity to help you and your loved ones, otherwise tomorrow may be too late. After all, life is short, and you need to live it with dignity.